For Returned Peace Corps Volunteers

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, regular face-to-face interviews have been suspended until further notice. However, in an effort to document the effects of the pandemic on the Peace Corps, the Oral History team is temporarily shifting its operations to conduct online interviews with evacuated Volunteers.

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Be interviewed

  • The project invites Returned Peace Corps Volunteers to be interviewed.  
  • “The toughest job you ever loved” is a slogan that resonates with many Volunteers. There are good days. There are great days. There are bad days. Some volunteers want to stay in their host countries forever; others can’t wait to come home. We all have stories to tell.  
  • Please contact us if you’d like to be interviewed. We will connect you with an interviewer near you. Interviews must be conducted in person to assure the recording meets technical standards. Interviews average sixty to ninety minutes.
  • Contact: or sign up here.


Become an interviewer

  • The first step is to be interviewed yourself.
  • We are eager to expand the network of volunteer RCPV interviewers. There are currently 14 active interviewers and we need more.
  • Interviewers are trained and supported by the RPCV Oral History Archives Project Guide. They follow established oral history interviewing guidelines to ensure that highest quality standards are consistently applied. The required recording technology assures that the digitized data will be preserved and accessible over time. The Guide is maintained by the project leadership team in conjunction with archivists at the JFK Presidential Library.
  • Volunteers procure their own recorders and cover minor costs of supplies and any travel expenses they choose to incur.  
  • Contact: or sign up  here.


Digital Recorder Loan Program

In order to meet archival specifications for the JFK Library the Oral History interviews must be recorded according to certain quality standards. To assist interviewers in this process the Oral History team has available a small number of Zoom H2n digital recorder packages. If you are in need of a digital recorder please consider applying for our Digital Recorder Loan Program.


To apply for the Digital Recorder Loan Program please download and complete the Digital Recorder Request Form and the Equipment User Agreement form linked below. Please email the completed documents to


We currently have Interviewers in the following states:

Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, Washington DC, Wisconsin